Working in Germany

The backbone of the German economy is the so-called "Mittelstand", which means there are a lot of specialized middle sized companies, which are often world market leader in their segment. Beside that Germany is also the home of global players. With an unemployment rate at 4.2% it is the second lowest in the whole EU. 

Check these easy steps and links for working in Germany:

Quick Check 
What are your chances to work in Germany for your qualification. Check the entry and work permit requirements.

Job opportunities
Is your profession in demand? Check the available vacancies-search by industry and region of interest.

Get your qualification recognized in Germany
You may need a recognition to work in certain professions, for the others it helps to increase the value of your qualifications. The Indo-German Chamber of Commerce is your official contact for information and support on this topic. 

Job application and related processes
German companies may differ in the expectations on your CV, cover letters. Note important points in the work contract.

Once you have an offer letter from your employer in Germany, you need to obtain a work visa. 

Tip: Heard of Job Seeker Visa? You can apply for a 6 months Job seeker visa, which gives you a temporary residence permit and allows you to actively search jobs in Germany. More information on the German Missions in India